Marlborough Court is an Internet and traditional print publisher offering the public fresh delights in the never-ending pleasures of reading in all its forms. Currently we are only publishing commissioned authors. In time, we will produce a greater range of books to suit all tastes, from genre plots to individual themes.

In order to give our readers a unique reading experience, (and to stand out from the publishing crowd), we  publish small lightweight books, Pocket Paperbacks and hardback Pocket Specials, especially for those reading on the go in this speedy world of ours and who love the feel and smell of 'living' printed books. Also, of course, for those wanting to relax at home and don't want sprained wrists holding up those awkwardly heavy volumes.  Love paper books but hate the weight? Then you've got to pick a Pocket or two! (We publish ebooks as well)

Peter Tong's WWII thriller, Island of Steel, is set on Guernsey in the Channel Islands in 1944.

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